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In 2015 I was selling an estate on behalf of my grandpa and Vera Owens represented the buyer who purchased the home. Vera was suppose to be the expert in the mobile home market, yet she could not direct the buyer to the right office to get approval from the park association to move in.

It took weeks, to which is understandable since the buyer was waiting on an approval. Every time I called her she had no idea what she was talking about and blamed it all on the park. I'm not even sure how Vera convinced the purchaser of my home to sign up with her. When it comes to mobile homes it's like selling a car.

You have a title, sign it over, and collect the money. (of course this happens after your approved to live in the park) Vera only considered herself and her client when it came to a closing date and time. She basically called me and left me a message on the time and place to be without conformation that I would be there. I had to work to which she blew my phone up over and over leaving unprofessional messages.

I was able to leave work and met at her office. Once there she went on and on about how her client only set aside an hour for the closing and that it was my fault he was missing work. Again unprofessional. The buyer and myself talked about why I was selling the house and how he needed to move in due to a divorce.

Vera interrupted and began calling me a lair about why I was selling the house. The whole thing was uncomfortable and I asked why she even needed to be involved with this process if she couldn't be professional. Vera went on and on about how "it's not like I'm making any money off this sale" and carried on that she might only make $500 commission. I asked her why she thought this was even relevant, but she began to roll her eyes and continued to laugh and make rude sounds every time I spoke.

We finished the transaction and Vera saw me out to the front of Coldwell Banker. I waited and she proceeded to ask me why I was still standing inside and what else she could help me with. I told her she was done helping me and she stormed off down the hall laughing saying, "good luck haha". I asked to speak with her boss and when I was explaining the story to Ken, Vera stormed into his office yelling and telling me to get back to her office because she wasn't done with me.

Ken's assistant escorted her out and it wasn't minutes later she stormed in once again throwing papers in my face screaming "we don't want your {{redacted}} house anyways, give us the check back". Ken had to escort her out of his office and she stomped down the hall like a child. Ken told me that they were going to get ride of the mobile home business end and that Vera was going to be let go since this was not the first time she had been inappropriate and unprofessional. We agreed that since the transaction was complete I would take my check and go.

While I was exiting the secretary was clapping and smiled to say, "no one likes her and I'm glad you said something to Ken, she gets complaints all the time". Why would someone keep her employed there? I was going to let this go, however I found out she still is working for Coldwell Banker and doing the mobile home side. I know a lot of people who work for the company and several had stated that she is mean and that she is nothing but a *** I would never buy a house from Vera Owens or ever due business with her.

She clearly acts like a child, is unprofessional in her actions, the way she dresses, and her manors. She may have been in the real estate since 1983, however it's time for her to go. Vera has displayed the worst customer service that I have ever seen in my life. I'm confident in saying that if she ever reads this that she will come after me.

That's how crazy she is.

May Ken Schmidt remove her immediately before she destroys the home buying experience for others. Good luck Coldwell Banker, with Vera Owens on your team, you'll need all the luck you can get.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coldwell Banker Realtor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Coldwell Banker Cons: Vera owens.

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