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In May 2011 we signed with Coldwell Banker DFW to sell our house. We were up front that we were on the fence about selling, but the agent recommended we go ahead and sign with her to get the ball rolling; we could always back out if finances didn't work out.

After signing, the communication with the realtor became difficult: she wouldn't reply to emails or voicemails for days, and the responses were usually very short and nondescript. When the photos were taken of the house, we were given no warning to pick up (we have 3 kids, so 15 minutes to "de-clutter" is essential) and several areas of the house were completely skipped (back yard, a bedroom, upstairs room). Basically, the service was poor overall.

About 3 weeks into it, we received news that financially, we would be unable to move at that time. I emailed the agent and told her that we needed to cancel the listing. 3 days later, she responded that they were processing my request and that the listing was canceled.

Fast forward 4 months. We are now in a better position to sell the house and move, but based on our experience in May, we do not want to use the same agent. We chose a closer, more local agent who is with a different broker. I was confident that Coldwell Banker would release us from our listing agreement period (6 months), as this is common when sellers choose to go with a different company - why force us into a situation where we're basically "locked" into waiting? Alas, Coldwell Banker DFW's official response is "it's our company policy to enforce the listing agreements."

I understand that there are costs associated with listing houses, and that agents typically receive no compensation for work performed until a house sells. I understand the nature of the agreement and why it's necessary to have one. In my case, however, I feel that minimal work was done, the standard of the work performed was subpar, and that there is no benefit to holding me to this agreement other than to follow "company policy."

So thank you, Coldwell Banker DFW, for forcing my family to wait another 2 months before we can start selling. Thank you for following your "company policy" to the letter, without any human compassion or consideration. And congratulations on ensuring that I will never choose a Coldwell Banker agent again to represent me, nor can I ever speak highly of your company.

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Wow! I have a family member going through this same situation.

I am a Broker in another state and we treat our clients with utmost respect.

Sometimes it just doesn't work out. whatever happened to "Ethics" forcibly causing duress on a seller to wait until expiration is poor business ethics


Well said, and I have experienced something similar from the same Coldwell Banker team in DFW.

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