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Really BAD experience with them, and no more rental with them. such a bad bad bad bad customer service and they lie to us about the pets policy before we rent the house.The only reason why i choose them is they told us we can have small dog , but after i moved in they told me NO PETS.

I also made sure with them before i sign all the documents about i can have a small dog in the house.Ok, it's also my bad because i didn't read all the things clearly before i signed. they told me i can have a pet but then they trick me with the renting documents.

And the deposit fee they charged are much higher. They also concerned to much about the tenant's private room, such as they care about if our kitchen and living room clean or not when they come and check.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coldwell Banker House Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You stated it correctly : "my bad"

Read everything before you sign it. Always.

Make them sit there and wait while you read it.

Everything is contained in the four corners of that document. Nothing someone said, indicated, promised, etc.

means anything at all if it's not on the paper.

Sorry you had to learn the hard way ; I love pets and especially my little dog.

Rule : if a person doesn't like my dog, I don't like the person. If my dog doesn't like a person, I don't like the person.

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