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YES, I bought the home at 3941 Ernest Dr. Wesley Chapel Fl.

33543 AS IS... But I asked many questions about this home before I bought it as the agent Elvira Cardona was aware that I was using my life savings for this home.. Everytime I asked a question it was the same answer that nothing was wrong.. I did know the roof had only a few years left on it..

But questions about the geothermal a/c (wonderful and will save me money) went out 3 days into my purchase.. $9,000 to replace.. pool pump (oh it works fantastic) had to be repaired promptly... Mulch covering a repaired spot on side of house I'm afraid to touch..

Mulch covering broken water main for who knows how long.. Plumbing and electrical issues everywhere.. Asked about flooding streets and property during Florida rainstorms.. (no Issues I was told) First minor downpour and cant drive down the street do to flooding..

Then the neighbors all told me how the seller and realtor are friends and church buddies.. Only selling this house mattered in trouble times, not my best interest at all.. Lies to my face.... And to top it off this home was left to me with dirt and filth through out..

Yes I wrote a letter to Elvira with my displeasure about the lies and that I found out they were friends and now of course I can't get any answers as I am the bad guy in this.. Terrible and they should all be ashamed of themselves.. Everyone was so nice until they got my money.. CASH....

I don't know if I have recourse as I have no money for a attorney..

Good job to all of them... Marc Strauss

User's recommendation: Don't trust anyones word..

Location: Zephyrhills, Florida

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You did not get a home inspector before you closed?

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