Lansing, Michigan
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I listed with Martha Bashore in Lansing Michigan. She was recommended by someone.

She made sence when you first speak with her. I was out of state. She emailed occasionally when the house was showing. She was asked to check the house after showings, neighbors would call me and tell me my lights were on.

Received a very low offer which she emailed me with no advice how to proceed. She never suggested a counter offer. When I proposed a number to counter with she, my own realtor bargained me down. Nice the buyer had 2 agents, there own and my listing agent.

The house was inspected and she going to tell me what they wanted. I didn't even listen at that price the house was as is. She wouldn't lower her commission at all. She was an annoying nuisance to deal with especially from another state.

She didn't show up at closing. She is a deep discount broker only interested in lining her own pocket. I would NOT recommend her or any member of her team. I incurred all the title costs as well which was never explained.

She told me we were splitting it.

I was robbed with this entire transaction. I'm sorry I listed with her and should have fired her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coldwell Banker Realtor.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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With all the Anonymous' talking to each other, it looks like either a family reunion or just one person having a whale of a conversation with them self! {;-)


It was my experience not yours. Your incredibly rude.

Maybe she's a good buyer agent. Guessing there's some nepotism here.


I was not lucky to have Martha. She's unethical.

Electronic devices sometimes change spelling. Michigan people do move elsewhere.


Pressed the BS box mistake. Not BS factual.


No - you pushed the correct box the first time. Your review is total BS.


Having used Martha Bashore in 3 transactions over the past 15 years, I find your feedback to be ridiculous - not to mention the fact that you can't spell. Clearly you are from out of state - if you were in Michigan during the past few years you would know that receiving an offer on your home and closing it was nothing short of a miracle.

You should be thankful but you sound full of hate. You were lucky to have Martha working for you or it would have been a lot worse, I'm sure.

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