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ING Direct committed a fraudulent foreclosure on my property. As I was

in court litigating the fact that the bank committed multiple

disclosure violations, and working to get the loan reinstated thru

court action, they convinced Thomas Ogle from Coldwell Banker to

commit a crime by having him break into our home and change the locks

while we were away. This slimy "realtor", Thomas Ogle, know the

property was in litigation, and he know the bank was barred from doing

an eviction action thru court. He took it upon himself to skip any

notice to vacate/unlawful detainer(eviction) process, and just lock us

out of our home. He also illegal convinced our HOA company to not let

us in our gated community! Yes the house was in the banks name, but

due to pending litigation, the bank couldn't do an eviction to get

possession. There needs to be writ of possession issued by the court

in order to force us to leave. But this lying, cheating, *** of a

realtor has managed to *** everyone, cops included, into thinking he

has the power to break in and change the locks while the homeowner is

away! A criminal complaint will be filed, and this guy, along with

whatever bank officer, is going to be behind bars.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Nice work! Has anyone ever wondered how to fill out forms online?

I have, and found a simple service. I've found some decent tutorials on how to fill FL Bar 11 out online here Florida Writ of Possession .


Coldwell Banker is a huge franchise and as with any franchise, they get the bottom of the barrel agents and brokers who are only interested in their own pocketbooks. They commit crimes like you described, and get away with everything because one of their benefits is a huge law department that will take on any homeowner or consumer to outlawyer them.

Recourse is public and media scrutiny to expose their fraudulent practices and the perpetrators of these crimes. File complaints with the Real estate boards as well.

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