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I tried to use Coldwell Banker as a rental company, do not bother applying !! they will pull your credit report and still denying your application. They asking ridiculous 3 times income which makes no sense for anyone because instead of rent ,we rather have a mortgage with all these "requirements: of Coldwell Banker.

I complained to the main office here In Kings Highway, Port Charlotte and after leaving a message to Don Randall ( apparently the Boss there ), response came from a lady that "she listened to the voice mail " that i left to the Boss and she basically just defending her colleague... a waste of time ! because i even got charged 75$ to pull my credit report after i was told that i don`t qualify , telling me that they have "other " people waiting on line : Furthermore , years before i rent thru Coldwell Banker and we had to move out because the Owner of that Apartment filed for Bankruptcy ! so that gives you an idea what kind of crazy business Coldwell Banker does. While asking Renters for many years of tax records and income verification, on the other hand....renters and Coldwell Bankers have NO IDEEA about the financials and credibility of the Owners of the properties they rent or sell !

Good Luck ..... very bad , horrible experience!

Never due Business with them !

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Coldwell Banker Pros: Receptionist.

Coldwell Banker Cons: Awful.

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the above name is not Don RANDALL ...SORRY ...CORRECTION ... IS DON RUNDHOLF ( the boss of Sunstar Realty Coldwell Banker )

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