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I would never recommend using Debbie Terry from Coldwell Banker, She had made the buying experience for my husband and I just awful. It all started in November of 2012 and at last ended in August of 2013.

I could write a book on how unprofessional she is/was but I will just highlight the worst points of the situation. She never, ever wanted to negotiate price. We were interested in 3 houses that we were willing to put offers in and all 3 of them (even one being on and off the market for almost a year) She said we would have to offer full asking price and closing costs. My husband and I later found out the one we were interested in that she had said we needed to pay full asking was sold about a month later for $10K under asking.

We had qualified for a certain amount on a loan and we wanted to stay I that range. She had showed us houses well over $30k more than what we wanted to spend and keep in mind (She was not going to negotiate price). She brought us to the side of town we did not want to be on multiple times even after specifically telling her where we wanted to be and stay. We gave her criteria i.e., 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry, etc.

We also suggested we wanted a Media room, a room to where we can have football parties, Christmas parties, etc. She showed us houses with a sunroom. After we told her we did not want a sunroom, but a basement, or a bonus room, she said "No, you don't want that, it won't get you any money on return when you sell it." Who the heck cares? I'm buying it, not her.

She REPEADETLY spoke so bad of her ex husband and children. Her ex husband and children don't speak to her anymore she said. (Wonder why). It was completely unprofessional to hear someone speak so badly of their own family.

Things like: She better not ask me for any money, (I was pregnant at the time too with m daughter) and she would say you will see how they want to suck you dry of money and then never talk to you ever again. I mean come on, really? The final straw was a house we put an offer in of nearly full asking and it was accepted. we had it inspected and immediately we were told to have an A/C specialist look at the A/C.

we did, and come to find out the homeowner said that the A/C was 10 years old, it was 22 years old (original to the house) and the A/C specialist named off all the things wrong with it and said it needed to be replaced. So we went back and told Debbie we wanted to ask the Seller to either replace the A/C or split the cost. She said "No, I would not suggest doing that". She had her boyfriend call my husband and suggest to him to still buy the house.

That A/C's last a lifetime.. HAAA, HAAAA, HA. I don't think I have ever saw someone so desperate for a sale. We ended up contacting another agent in August after our daughter was born and she found our dream home, in our budget, in the area we wanted to be in, and negotiated a wonderful deal and we had signed contract in a week from meeting her.

She was great,her name was Sherry Paul, from Realty Executives. Debbie caught wind we were no longer using her and she sent my husband and I a rude text and said she would be in contact with our agent. She told our agent we were supposed to use her we had a signed contract to use her (I had texted Debbie and still have the text where I asked her for a cancellation of the contract to use her). She had weaseled over $700 out of my agent because she wanted a percentage of her commission!

She is a crook, Don't use her. I contacted the Broker and she did absolutely nothing. I even told the Broker how she weaseled money out of my agent and she said that her and Debbie agreed to cancel my contract and that she should have not received money from my agent. I have a copy of the check, so I know what she got.

But even after I told her she got money from her, she brushed it aside and thanked me for voicing my opinion and that was it.

She is not concerned about how one of her employees is treating others. Completely unprofessional business.

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